Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28

     Man it is hot here today. It is supposed to be at least 40 degrees but it wouldn't surprise me to be hotter. We have finally decided what we are doing with our Internet and just have to wait about a week to do it. The boys went off to school ok again today. Will see how they went soon. We had a chat with Caden this morning and we have decided that since he is getting so much bigger now that he can stay up a little bit later than Tyler. Hopefully that will help with him going to sleep easier at night. I dropped of more resume's today so hopefully that will turn into some work pretty soon. We bought some more curtains today for our bedroom. They are like the ones in the lounge room but a dusky brown I guess you would call it. They look quite nice - would be nicer if I ironed them first but hey you get that!

The boys were great when they got home from school. We filled the bucket with water and they ran under the sprinkler for a while to cool down. C went to bed easier tonight but still wasn't asleep till 9. I think the days sleeps are going to have to go. We rearranged the lounge room a little bit and Caden's comment was "Wow Mummy it is so clean!' I think we need to tidy a bit more!

We had a little visitor on the door this afternoon - a bright green praying mantis. He sat on the door for ages. About 93.0 tonight I was growling at Josy for banging on the door all the time till I realised that she was climbing it to try and get the insect.

oh my POTD - Caden going out to play from the Bilby room. Tyler watching TV and the praying mantis!

DSC01385 cadj

DSC01436 cadj

DSC01425 cadj


enjoy J

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