Thursday, January 8, 2009

DAY 8 POTD & 26 Things

We got the kids some Kids K'nex for Christmas and Cutie #1 has been playing with it a fair bit the last few days. He has discovered how to look at the picture, recognise the pieces he needs and create either to his imagination or to the picture!

The kit


f3.5, ISO400, 1/25s

The first little man with scooper feet!


f3.5, ISO400, 1/160s


and now for the 26 Things geometric/repetition



DSC08873 adj

my screen door!

f3.5, ISO400, 1/2000s

and for the Weekly assignment Ready Set ... Go!


Cutie #1 loves me to grab his foot, hold him in the air count of Ready Set ... Go and let him go on the swing!

f3.5, ISO400, 1/14000s

enjoy J

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