Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trip on Noah's Ark

We thought that the kids deserved a bit of fun time out because Mummy was too cranky yesterday. (don't you hate that guilty feeling when you are growling at the kids for being kids knowing that they really aren't doing anything bad but it's you that is in a bad mood). So to assuage my guilt feelings and give them some happy moments again we took them to Noah's Ark. This play centre has it all puzzles, a big speed slide that Caden just loves, ball pits, big cushion thingies to climb, jump on and attempt to throw, boxing bag type columns to squeeze through - you know all the active kids treats that are all in one spot. Mum and Dad meanwhile get to sit in peace having a cup of hot chocolate and a cappuccino! Of course there are the moments when Mama gets to climb up to the top to rescue? ok go down the slide too! with Tyler and then again cause its fun with Caden! (no photos though!). Ice creams to have a as treat (moment of note - never thought Tyler would turn  away from one but Simspons ice-creams just don’t do it for him!) , kisses for daddy, cool drinks of water and lots of hot chips for lunch.

To quote our delightful 2 year old 'dishous' (or in adult speak - delicious!). this is new word for the week. every time he eats one of his favourites.. it is "mmm, dishous!" so very cute.DSC00823 cadj DSC00828 DSC00835 DSC00842 DSC00857 DSC00863 DSC00866 DSC00882 adj DSC00893 adj DSC00896

we had a lovely time. Tyler didn't even make it home before he fell asleep and Caden hasn't moved! There is nothing better than 2 hours of full on physical fun to know your kids out for a great day sleep on a Saturday where they can stay up a bit later tonight!

enjoy  J

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