Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17

just a couple of little ones of us today! no big day photo-ing... needed a break (but in saying that I still took about 70 odd photos  just haven't done anything with them! I will admit that I was working on my shutter speed week 2 assignment for the 12 weeks photo course and T was up there with our p&s taking them right along with me! (post later on once I've downloaded them). He saw me set up the tripod and asked me where his camera was. He actually got a couple of good ones! We are finally getting to the point he isn't putting his grimy fingers on the lens as much!

ok the story behind the first one... C decided that he didn't want to have a day sleep today and hit 3pm & was grumpy and cross. He was told to stop it as he chose not to have a sleep and was great for the rest of the afternoon. This photo was taken less than 10 minutes after being put into bed last night. yep mum just couldn't resist that sleeping peacefully "I'm not tired" face!


C and I started the day with C playing with his playdoh for ages before T and Daddy woke up. I was surfing the net checking out the new photos on two peas and checking emails. So as I realise the morning light is great ,here is a couple of playdoh bits and pieces and I saw this type of photo in the January CK and wanted to have a go at it! I thought it was fantastic.

DSC09948 DSC09971 DSC00046 DSC00053

I did some scrapping today as well.. I have decided to redo my 365 pages (thank goodness that I am only in week 2!) I finally got to sit & read the CK and I have decided that I like the template being the same throughout the whole series and found one through digiscraps 101 (that I downloaded from here a couple of weeks ago) that is based on the design of the CK kit of the month. I'll post these a bit later once I have finished the pages!

here is my playdoh pages and my page 1 of week 1 365 redo.

playdoh-morning-109-p1 playdoh-morning-109-p2

template for playdoh from MOriginals


  Credits: Cabana White paper by Katie Pertiet Designer Digitals, template by MOriginals (No5)


Template from here, shabby princess ribbon, Designer digitals painted overlay, Jessica Sprague/LivE journal block.

ok that enough for now I think!

enjoy J

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