Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day 15

  Today has been an odds and ends kind of day. We are getting used to the new routine with D on night shift, the kids are being quite good when they are home (most of the time) and I have been having learning curves all over the shop. Getting back to being a SAHM mum for a few weeks after working full time most of the year is a bit strange but pretty great. Especially now that I don't have D to hand over to at night if I need time out! I started out the day with our (usually) daily breaky of pancakes (because breakfast choices are a bit limited in our house everyone eats them & now after so many months we have it down to an art!)


We went to town for a while and bribed the kids with a trip to the park! they loved it. I only took a couple of photos because I have been feeling a bit guilty that Mum is behind the camera not pushing that swing!

anyway the swing... that brings me to my next one for today. Whilst doing my many times a day duty of pushing  the kids on the swing I had my trusty camera in my hands and in between "grab my feet Mama" and "My turn" and "push me higher Mama" I took these of the rope that holds the swing! I love the blue and white (probably my favourite combination) and also I am really happy with the dof happening!


Sooo.. now that the kids have had their fill and are running like crazy people around the back yard I look at the herb (ahem weed) garden and saw this little fellow flitting around. It may be cropped too much but they don't seem too bad.

DSC09695 DSC09700

(This is a little out of focus but I was happy to have him flying. the leaves kept the attention of the camera unfortunately - but hey something to work on!)

and this fellow on my pole..


I cant decide why I seem to have a fascination with insects at the moment - maybe cause they WILL let me take their photos  -I suspect (ok KNOW from straight out comment "NO MORE MAMA!") the kids have had enough for a bit. darn it!


Digging in the dirt a boys favourite past time and one that my boys have just figured out how to do - oh joy!

I took some texture photos today and had another go at overlaying it. This one was of my kids blackboard and done with the soft light blending mode. I played with the levels a little bit to get a better green for the grass as it is a bit unhappy with the revoltingly hot weather we have been having here. I just love his chubby hands and feet but I think that they aren't going to be there much longer if he keeps growing up as fast as he seems to be!


and last but not least a yummy icy pole - just the thing for the hot afternoon. Cutie #2 just LOOOVES them and would eat them for breakky if we let him! I like the fact they are flavoured with NO drip, NO colours and are a mini size - just right!!

ok better go

enjoy J

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Becky January 16, 2009 at 12:50 AM  

That first one makes me hungry! Yum.


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