Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I hate the heat and I hate the cold. I can't win. today and yesterday have reached over 40 degrees. ick. It takes a lot for me to want to get into a pool but we all jumped into the kids pool yesterday! lots of fun. We put the boys little red slide in there for them and they had a blast!

DSC08698 cadj

DSC08709 adj

Give T a moment an he becomes the Water monster!!!

 DSC08745 cadj

belly slides

 DSC08748 cadj

T's new thing! he pretends to be Sportacus (from Lazy Town cartoon, who is not normally cranky looking) but here is his version...

 DSC08759 DSC08760 DSC08761


Man that kids makes us laugh!

 DSC08774 cadj

so serious!

Story Time

The kids are loving reading the Stinky Face books by Lisa McCourt. We started out with Merry Christmas Stinky Face and have added I love you Stinky face to the collection. They love it - its all about a little bout with a wonderful imagination and he is always asking questions - just like our two!

DSC08763 adj DSC08779 cadj DSC08781 cadj DSC08782 adj

that's about all new things I can think of today...


enjoy  J

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